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Dustin Brandt Hyer is a proud father and Independent film maker currently based in both Nashville, TN and the California Bay Area. Even though he tends to wear many hats; director, producer, editor, lighting & camera departments. He mostly operates as a director of photography as he owns/operates a RED Epic-W cinema camera. 

Originally from California, Dustin broke into the Nashville film community in 2015 by his admission into the Nashville Film Festival for his directorial debut and first feature film, 'Reminiscent'. Since then his works consist of Live News, Professional Sports, Music Videos, Reality, Commercial, Political, and Narrative Films. Most notably on Mike Judge’s “Tales From the Tour Bus” and Hello Junior’s “Untitled David Allan Coe Doc”. Most recently Director of Photography of the Independent Film “These Streets We Haunt” and award winning short film “A Heart’s Calling”. He also Co Hosts and Produces the “I Believe In Humans” Podcast which developed into a TV series Proof of Concept centered around the scientific investigation and disclosure of the UFO/UAP phenomena.


Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 11.12_edited.jpg

Director of Photography | Producer

TV series Proof of Concept

Following ex-military officials Sean Cahill and Jeremy McGown, they seek guidance from former AATIP director, Lou Elizondo as they search for answers to their previous experiences with the UAP phenomena. 

March 2021 - Available for Streaming

Director of Photography | Producer

Feature Length Indie Film

Marcus, a corporate artist who's lost his zeal for life, rents out his spare bedroom to a girl he begins to suspect is a real life comic book villain.

A Hearts CallingPoster_edited.jpg
December 2020 - Available for Streaming
Director of Photography | Producer

Award winning short Film

A heartbreaking, yet inspirational story of a young gay man trying to find hope and God amongst being rejected by both family and religion.

Inside The Houseposter_edited_edited.jpg
April 2020 - Available for Streaming
Director of Photography

Available in the independent feature horror film 'A Source of Shadows'. 

A series of stories woven together by one of our most primal fears, the fear of the unknown.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 9.27_edited.jpg
July 2019 - Available for Streaming
Director of Photography

A short film about a Detective desperate for answers, seeks help from a Tarot Card reader. Will he solve the puzzle in time? Only the cards will tell.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 9.44_edited.jpg
April 2015 - Premiere Nashville Film Festival
Co-Director | Co-Producer

An Independent Feature Length Film about a retired army ranger following clues as to why it feels he is reliving the same day over and over. A fight to save himself, his family, and restore faith in mankind.

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